How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Party!

Summer’s Here! Time to break out those old dusty lawn chairs and the patio furniture you have so deserted since last year. With temperatures on the rise now and the cool night breeze as a  luxury, now  is the best time to Host the perfect outdoor party to Kickoff the rest of the season!

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a couple of outdoor backyard party’s over the years. Outdoor parties are great really for any occasion,  from a Texas Style BBQ, Kiddie Birthdays, or even celebrating a Graduation.  But we all know planning any event even outdoors can be a disaster waiting to happen. But we don’t want that !

So Here’s a few rules to help you pull off the perfect outdoor shindig that will have your guest raving about it from now till next year!

backyard setup


When deciding to host an outdoor event please plan accordingly.  Make sure the outdoor space you are using for the party suits your party needs. No one wants to attend a party in your grandfathers junk yard. Any outdoor area should be cleaned and properly prepared prior to your guests arrival.  That way you can greet and enjoy your guests, and be a fun, attentive hostess.  Also be sure to have a rain date in place, just incase mother nature decides to shed some tears or maybe worse!

Rule #4.  Inviting your Guests

Inviting your guests is extremely important to the success of your party. Invite people who don’t mind bringing a few snacks or drinks to the party. This will help save time and money while taking  some of the burden off of you, and keep you from having to prepare so much food. Having a specific menu in place will help you stay on track and keep you from constantly adding more food to prepare.  Also make sure to invite fun, outgoing, people who help bring life to your party! NO PARTY POOPERS ALLOWED!

fun people

Rule#3.  Ambiance and Atmosphere

Creating a comfortable ambiance and atmosphere is the most important part of your outdoor gathering. Try thinking of a specific theme or style concept you want to create for your outdoor party. You can do things like send out coordinating invitations, listing a specific dress code for your event. For example if you know you want to have a grown’ n sexy yard party with a lounge feel, saying things like “Garden Style Chic Attire is strongly suggested”, this will reinforce your party theme and get people talking about this exciting Chic garden party they are  going to! Even adding simple items like candles or soft plush pillows add a little something to any outdoor area.

garden party attire          Backyard-Movie-Night-Party-Decorations

Helpful little hint  anytime someone has to buy a new outfit to go to an event, they know its going to be good.

Rule# 2. Breaking the Ice

When people host gatherings, they invite friends, co-workers, neighbors, and close family members, often times these different groups of people don’t know each other and stay in their own social bubble, off to the side by themselves. Break the Ice  and get people mixing and mingling. Introduce your various guests to each other, bring up topics that will spark a conversation between two people or more who may have something in common. But nothing gets people talking like a Signature Drink! Another piece of creating ambiance having a colorful tasty signature drink to your menu adds to your event theme. Its, fun and usually gets people talking about how creative you are. And remember they don’t have to be alcoholic just refreshing to drink!



Now that you have your ammo for executing the perfect outdoor party. All there is left to do is get this party started!

Planning an outdoor party and need inspiration? Simply want to share your latest outdoor party mishap or success story, please let us know about it!

Keys to Selecting the Perfect Venue!

So many people ask me do I know of any halls or places to host an event or function. A lot of times there are many options to host your event, but your not quite sure if the space is suitable for your needs or is within your budget. Here’s some insight on what to look for when selecting a place to hold your next special event!

Private or Public? That is the question!

Most event facilities are either privately owned properties or spaces that are open to the general public. Here are a few things to consider, when choosing either a public or private property for your function.


What is a public event space you might ask? Typically public event spaces are your local Veterans post or any local community center. These places offer areas in their facilities for individuals to come in and hosts their private event. What I love most about public venues is they are very lenient when it comes to allowing you to decorate your event without restrictions such as using tape, balloons, confetti, etc. And the best part of public venues is that they allow you to provide your own food if you have decided not to use a caterer. Typically most public event spaces have a flat four hour event fee or a base hourly rate. One of the setbacks of public venues is that because they are public, and often times other things maybe going on during your event; that could be distracting or simply just take away from your event atmosphere. Typically there is no event staff so you’re responsible for the overall setup & cleanup. Things like untidiness, noise, or uncooperative staff are common complaints when using a public venue. If you do decide to go with a public venue be sure to that you arrive early to properly prepare and the venue has a clear understanding of your expectations. After all you are spending your money with them!

A private event space could be a beautiful hotel banquet hall or ballroom. Some restaurants & lounges offer event space, even bars or night clubs! Private venues are great because generally they have décor elements in their space, which you can work with for your own event. Private venues commonly provide linen, silverware and event staff to help you coordinate your event so you don’t have to. Most private venues have an in-house caterer, which is convenient but can also be very expensive. Providing catered food for your guests at a private venue could be anywhere from $4 -$15 per person. The great thing about private venues is that the staff and in-house planner have experience with hosting/planning events and they will work hard to provide and meet all your needs.

Need help selecting the right Venue for your next event? S.H.E. can help you!

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Hey there, check out our latest event from last weekend! A Princess inspired Baby Shower using Lavender, Pale Pinks, and Yellow! We had the pleasure of coordinating this shower for a close family friend and We Loved it! Are you expecting and need some inspiration for your upcoming shower? Let us Know!

PhotoGrid Princess Shower

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May was such a fun and exciting month for us! We had the pleasure of working with not one but two incredible Non-Profit organizations. S.H.E. Event Planning had the opportunity to work with the Dorchester YMCA for their Spring Healthy Kids Fair! We were able to customize a unique Face paint Station & Healthy Snack Bar for over 50 families. It was a day filled with Healthy treats and LOTS of SMILES. Next we turned our efforts towards The Community Call, as we participated in their annual Play it Forward event at the Parkman Bandstand in the Boston Commons. We were able to support the performing art students of Boston Collegiate High school, while providing tasty treats from our custom Cupcake Bar! S.H.E Event planning prides itself on always giving back to our local community. Next week we are SUPER SIKED to be producing a Princess Baby Shower, for a close family friend and first time Mother-to- Be. We can’t wait to see all of the Princess inspired details for this event, be on the look out for those photos! As for Next month, we can’t wait to coordinate the Country Chic style picnic for the Pratt Family Reunion. We look forward to the upcoming season of Summer Celebrations. Keep in touch with us and let us know about your upcoming events. And remember S.H.E. Event planning strives to create special moments to be remembered….

Here’s a little Tip: Why Stress the little stuff, Keep calm and Hire an Event Planner!



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5 Reasons why to hire an Event Planner?
So you‘re planning an event and there’s a million and one things to do. Rent a hall, order the cake, book the Dj, the list could go on. But question is should you hire an Event Planner? Of Course! And here’s why.

5. Budget: Most people feel that they can not afford to hire an event planner. But that’s not true! An event planners job is to help you save time and money. No budget is too small to hire an event planner. The more honest you are with yourself about the budget the more realistic the outcome of your event!

4. Balancing Stress & Organizing Time: Like the average person your days are pretty busy, with work, school, household errands, and making a little time for yourself. Do you really have the time to handle planning an event from start to finish without feeling tired, stressed, and over whelmed? An event planner will help you relive tons of stress by assisting with those small details one could easily overlook. Like, forgetting to pickup the cake before the bakery closes! When hosting an event you want to be able to enjoy the moment. An event planner will allow you to enjoy that experience WITHOUT -WORRYING about those small details.

3. Catered To You: Your planner creates an event based on your vision, personal style and cultural taste. An event planner makes sure that your event day surpasses all expectations and turns your event dreams into real special moments to be remembered.

2. Just in Case: A professional event planner is skilled and experienced at handling unexpected situations. The goal for any event planner is to always go above and beyond for every client. And to devise solutions to make your day perfect, no matter what it takes.
1. In the Know: A savvy and creative event planner keeps up with all the latest industry trends and stay ahead of the curve. They have the ability to suggest out of the box ideas that will add personalization and a wow factor to your special event!

– Myesha Slaughter Event Designer
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Hello and Welcome to the creative soul of S.H.E. Event Planning! We are excited about entering the wonderful world of blogging. A little about us, who we are and what we do. S.H.E. Event Planning was founded in  Boston,Massachusetts in 2010. Owner and creative  event designer Myesha Slaughter established S.H.E. to provide professional event services to Boston and surrounding New England areas. S.H.E. Event Planning specializes in custom, themed event decorum. We are passionate about event design and giving each clients event that Unique WOW factor that leave every one of your guest in awe. As event professionals we pride ourselves on always providing exceptional service by executing each and every event seamlessly, and meeting every clients specific needs. We look forward to sharing our event experiences with you and we hope you all  join us on this exciting journey!



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