5 Reasons why to hire an Event Planner?
So you‘re planning an event and there’s a million and one things to do. Rent a hall, order the cake, book the Dj, the list could go on. But question is should you hire an Event Planner? Of Course! And here’s why.

5. Budget: Most people feel that they can not afford to hire an event planner. But that’s not true! An event planners job is to help you save time and money. No budget is too small to hire an event planner. The more honest you are with yourself about the budget the more realistic the outcome of your event!

4. Balancing Stress & Organizing Time: Like the average person your days are pretty busy, with work, school, household errands, and making a little time for yourself. Do you really have the time to handle planning an event from start to finish without feeling tired, stressed, and over whelmed? An event planner will help you relive tons of stress by assisting with those small details one could easily overlook. Like, forgetting to pickup the cake before the bakery closes! When hosting an event you want to be able to enjoy the moment. An event planner will allow you to enjoy that experience WITHOUT -WORRYING about those small details.

3. Catered To You: Your planner creates an event based on your vision, personal style and cultural taste. An event planner makes sure that your event day surpasses all expectations and turns your event dreams into real special moments to be remembered.

2. Just in Case: A professional event planner is skilled and experienced at handling unexpected situations. The goal for any event planner is to always go above and beyond for every client. And to devise solutions to make your day perfect, no matter what it takes.
1. In the Know: A savvy and creative event planner keeps up with all the latest industry trends and stay ahead of the curve. They have the ability to suggest out of the box ideas that will add personalization and a wow factor to your special event!

– Myesha Slaughter Event Designer
Planning an event we want to know about it! Contact us at: Sheeventplanning@gmail.com


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  2. Though it is possible to plan an event all by yourself, still many would recommend that someone must hire a a professional event planner who will organize a dashing event one could ever experience. Event planners are the ones who have the skill, knowledge and experience who can make the most out from an event.

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