Valentines Days is just around the corner and some of us are dreading the thought of spending this weekend alone. Here’s five fun simple tips to keep you from jumping of the edge and enjoy loving yourself!

Sweat it Out! Instead of the trolling the singles bars and nights clubs looking for Mr. Right Now, arrange a night in with the Besties workin it out and dropping it low to your favorite jams. Enjoy healthy snacks & lots of laughs while twerkin you way to down to your ideal weight! YES, I said TWERKIN( it’s fun but hard work if you want those buns of steel 😉 Don’t want to stay in the house challenge you body in a new way and try the latest work out trend AntiGravity AirBarre! Experience a full body work while suspended in the air from the Harrison Hammock!  Talk about fallin head over heels!  


Dare to Wine & Dine- Been Dreamin of tacklin that perfect 6 course dinner recipe you saw on the food network months ago… What are you waiting for!? Set the table with you finest linen, create an ambiance by lighting votive candles, place your finest china, put the good wine on and Voila Valentines Feast for Numero Uno! What better way to toast a chef’s victory!


Bestie Bonfire– If your city or town is NOT  completely covered with snow( like here in  New England  😦  back up your plaid shirt, timberland boots, camping gear and hit the trails with your Main chicks. Create an romantic bonfire under the stars, as you share spooky stories, dish dirt on old lovers and indulge in old fashioned camp fire smores..Mhhmmm hows thats for making your heart melt!


Mommy N Me…- For all the Awesome Single Moms out there, we know how hard it is to juggle work, mommy life, and make time for yourself. Take this weekend to enjoy a mani and pedi with your little princess or have a grooming day with you and your little guy. Maybe its a day of movies and pajamas in bed, but theres nothing like Lovin on your Little Ones for Vday.


Show Some Luv…. –Although YOU may be feeling lonely on this so-called couples holiday, what about those around you?? Have you thought about making someone else feel special this year? Think about those who help you throughout the year, make you feel appreciated, or just show you they care by bringing you a small cup of coffee . Spread some love to someone you care about. Whether it’s your grandmother or the recently widowed neighbor down the street sending something as simple a 99cent card could brighten up someone else’s dark Valentine’s Day.     



                                                                                                                                                With Love,

S.H.E. Event Planning


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