5 Helpful Wedding Tips: The Do’s & Dont’s for planning your Wedding

Throughout my daily scrolls on social media I often run across Brides asking similar questions about hiring certain vendors and planning details of their wedding.  Here I have compiled a few helpful tips +Do’s & Dont’s for planning your wedding.


Too often I see Brides looking for a photographer with a budget of $200 or less. Like my Mama always tells me “you get what you pay for.” Not to say you can’t get a decent photographer for less than $20 but the average Wedding photographer costs between $500-$2,500 to book. Keep in mind that not only does the photographer work at your wedding but spend time editing your photos. Brides have to keep in mind these photos will be priceless moments you can’t relive, and you should only want a true professional to capture those special moments, without worrying about the quality or worse not receiving them, at all.



Recently a lot of Brides are asking should they are an MC to host their event is they already hired an DJ? Well if you haven’t planned or attended many weddings you wouldn’t know that your DJ IS your MC! DJ’s already control the dance floor and typically are very comfortable speaking on the mic and bring lots of fun and personality to your wedding reception. A really good DJ works with your wedding planner and to make sure your reception timeline runs smoothly. The DJ will make important announcements like introducing the happy couple or announcing last call. When hiring the right DJ you also get your Master of ceremony for the price of one.



What if my Wedding Venue has limited seating?

Ok, you’ve found the perfect venue, within your budget, but the ceremony seating is limited. And you think to yourself “a few people won’t mind standing up in the back…?”Wrong! This is NOT OKAY. Please don’t invite guest to your wedding ceremony and expect them to stand.  How would you like it if it was you in the same situation? Confused, feet sore, can’t see or hear just annoyed you were even invited. The best option for limited seating at your wedding ceremony would be to invite certain guest to the reception only. This way all those you want to be a part of your big day can be without feeling uncomfortable or excluded.


I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Limousine for one day. Help?

Ok, now that we have talked about what should happen at the wedding, lets talk about how you’re getting there! Most common thing I hear Brides say” I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Limousine for one day.” Not every Bride has to be escorted by limousine or horse and carriage. Some less expensive options I like to share with my Brides are town car or SUV rentals. You can get the same pickup and drop off service plus celebrity treatment for the fraction of the cost! You can even add a little decor to your vehicle for a touch of flair! And if you are really on a budget and have a small wedding party, you could always enlist family, friends or neighbors to be chauffeurs for the day or simply schedule yourself a luxury Uber ride. The choice is yours just know you have option to truly save.



to sites like Pinterest and youtube, we are living in the age of the DIY Bride. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a DIY Bride, but keep in mind what you think you are saving in $$$$ you are making up for in time you have to execute your wedding décor and details. Also what you see someone else easily put together on YouTube, may not be the same result s you end up with.  We are not all hot glue gun, paper flower, arts &craft gurus.  And the last thing any bride want s is wedding décor that looks unfinished, tacky, and cheap. If you are confident in your DIY craftsmanship by all means create the wedding of your dreams. But remember some things are better left up to the professionals.


I have this vision for my wedding but, I don’t really have a budget for décor; can I afford to hire an wedding decorator?

Our team of event designers and planners can refer you to the right vendors, train you o wedding etiquette, and create custom centerpieces, bouquets, provide linen rentals and more based off your wedding budget! Visit our website to learn more about how can plan the perfect wedding.



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