5 QUESTIONS TO consider WHEN debating the importance of HIRING A DAY OF COORDINATOR

You’ve been overwhelmed but had fun planning your upcoming wedding day. You found the perfect venue and vendors to deliver the wedding of your dreams. You feel no detail has been overlooked. But with all of this careful planning, you are debating whether or not to hire a day of coordinator to run the show…

HERE ARE 5 QUESTIONS TO consider WHEN debating the importance of HIRING A DAY OF COORDINATOR

  1. “My Sister/Caterer/Maid of Honor is capable of handling everything, on my Wedding Day right?”

Okay, maybe your sister is actually really excited about helping you out on your big day, and being your Maid of Honor but your other vendors are not. You hired them to do one job, and they can’t do as great of a job if they have to be in charge of keeping others on track. Leave the major elements of your wedding to the professionals and let your family enjoy your wedding day with you!


  1. “Do I really want to clean up after my own wedding?”

Blowing out the candles on your 16th birthday is fun; removing dinner plates, wet stained linens, wrinkled programs and tossing leftover centerpieces in your wedding gown however, not so much. You and your guest should be able to leave the reception (or continue celebrating) with everyone else, not strip down your gorgeously decorated venue to its bare bones after a long, exciting day. Keep the Party goin! And let us break down your wedding and pack up your décor after your celebration is over.


  1. There are always unexpected events that occur at every wedding last minute. ALWAYS! As experienced event professionals we plan for the unplanned –Think..“Who is going to answer calls from vendors while you’re all getting ready?”You should not be on the phone with vendors minutes before your makeup is finished…sadly, this happens more often than not. Luckily, we’ll already have confirmed arrival times, printed schedules and provided directions to all your vendors prior to your Wedding Day!

.4.   “If something goes wrong behind the scenes, would I rather find out during the reception, or after I get back from my honeymoon?”

Your Wedding day, of course, is going to be Perfect No matter what. But, when something does come up, you don’t want to hear about any problems. Your Day of Coordinator will know all the details leading up to your wedding, weeks before it’s time to jump the broom, so only thing you need to worry about on wedding day is….YOU!

  1. “Does anyone have a stain remover or safety pin?”

We do! Someone’s dress or suit is going to get lipstick or a Red wine spill; it’s just a wedding day guarantee. Stain removers, hair accessories, even portable steamers are just one of the dozens of “just in case” items we carry in our emergency kits. Your wedding party will tease us about them, but we’ll also be the first people they come to when a heel breaks or a button goes missing!


 If you have already put in the work to plan your perfect day, you owe it to yourself to make your wedding day stress free and fun! Talk to our Wedding Planners about receiving $200 OFF your Day of Coordination!


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