Style House Events Spooky Styleween!

Booo! We are back and BETTER than ever! We have a new name & a new look  so what better way to kick off the fall season with  a Spooky Styleween tablescape! So some people are not into the creepy,crawly, gory, … Continue reading

Plan Ahead & Get Back On Track!

We’re Back and Summer is now Officially over! I know, I know, how sad. But here’s some Quick tips on how to make a smooth transition back into your daily Fall routine!

  • Make a Weekly Activity List ! –  With a Hectic work schedule, and multiple after school activities, creating a visible weekly activity list for the whole family will keep everyone track and one step ahead of the game each week!

 weekly agenda

  • Balance Time & Eat Right! –  We all know how hard it is to cook a full course meal every night, let alone eat healthy throughout the day. Pack something tasty, light and nutritious for those mid day cravings! Try a new flavored greek yogurt or sip on a delicious fruit or veggie smoothie when hunger attacks!  


  • Try Something New! – Get out of the house & replace that same ol routine of School, work, School, work and join a new class or pick up an exciting new hobby!  Plan to take Fun classes like pole aerobics, spinning ,paint night or even quilting can put some life into your fall season!

aerobics class in a gym

  • Stay Fit- No need to rush indoors quite yet! Keep yourself in shape with some easy outdoor exercises. Enjoy the fall foliage while rock climbing, hiking or even enjoy some quality time with the kids while apple or pumpkin picking !


  • Fall into Fashion!-  The best part of any season changing is switchin up your fashion style. Get creative this Fall and experiment with your everyday ensemble choices. Dont be afraid to sport those bright autumn colors and be adventurous with your hair! If you usually wear your hair straight try rockin it curly! And remember Fall fashion always calls for a vintage suede or leather jacket and cowboy boots!


Got any more helpful tips or suggestions that help you transition this fall?

We would love for you to share, feel free to leave a comment below!!